About us

Glen Eastman Invest b.v. has been formed as a holding company by its founding shareholders. The group of companies is based on the foundation of Glen Eastman’s consulting business in the energy and metallurgical industry, which is expending from its original location in Scotland to the Middle East & the Americas together with our business partners.

The Glen Eastman Group is located at Rotterdam, Europe’s capital of energy, and established a strategical partnership with West Asia Management Consulting House LLC (WAMCH) in the United Arab Emirates.

Glen Eastman’s team has more than four decades of experience with

  1. Complex technical and economic developments including their project financing,
  2. Restructuring and turn-around-management including Merger and Acquisition
  3. Sales, trading and services business in Europe and Worldwide

This business experience has been added and will further extended by integration of young scientists, engineers and MBAs with knowledge from the forefront of scientific developments, e.g. in sectors like nuclear fusion, hydrogen technology, biomass energy and material science.