Glen Eastman is an enterprise group formed by experienced and young businessmen, engineers and scientists who have one common target:

WE PROVIDE FUTURE STRATEGIES AND SUCCESS for our consulting clients as well as for our own subsidiary companies in the energy, raw material, metal and steel processing and food & urban farming business. 

This entrepreneurial versatility is our strength in our consulting business – WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS OURSELVES

This is the essential difference between regular consulting work by many consultants and Glen Eastman. We have experienced many successes and problems of being entrepreneurs ourselves and have developed and implemented tailormade business strategies for our own as well as our client companies.

Glen Eastman Consulting

Glen Eastman offers a wide range of consulting services with its own team at its main office in Rotterdam and at locations in Dubai, Washington, Düsseldorf and Lisbon:

  • Entrepreneurial alignment of products and markets, based on existing or new market analysis and corresponding feasibility studies
  • Proposals for restructuring the existing and development of new business activities
  • Concept development for new and additional business locations
  • Brexit-related business movements and transformations from United Kingdom to EU-countries
  • Business and project financing